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Complex Asset Division And Divorce

When divorcing couples have large assets, ownership in multiple real estate interests, have a complex investment portfolio, own a business, and otherwise have substantial income and finances, the property division process during divorce becomes particularly complicated. During such circumstances, you need a sophisticated divorce and family law attorney on your side who makes certain your ownership interests receive protection.

The lawyers at Bashian P.C., have the knowledge, skills and resources to represent you. We routinely represent the interests of businesses and executives regarding their financial concerns. Having litigated a variety of estate, trust and accounting matters, we understand the tax and financial implications of property transfers occurring during divorce or separation. And having regularly litigated matters in upstate New York courts, we understand the kinds of evidence these courts require.

The Complicated Process Of Dividing Substantial Assets

The courts in New York have broad discretion when it comes to dividing assets following divorce. However, the courts cannot divide such property in an equitable manner unless there is careful presentation of the evidence.

At Bashian P.C., we understand complex finances, the appreciation and depreciation of assets, the consequences of having foreign assets or accounts, and the needs of businesses when division of business assets occurs. When division of assets occurs, we will analyze:

  • Executive benefits
  • Stock options
  • Retirement benefits
  • Partnership and corporate interests
  • Real estate holdings
  • Inheritances occurring before or during the marriage
  • The income revenue for both spouses
  • Bank and investment accounts

Because the consequences of complex asset divisions are often difficult to predict, it is sometimes necessary to speak to a qualified attorney about a large variety of options. As every property division question is different, we advise regarding your various options and possible outcomes. We also have at our disposal accountants, appraisers and other experts who can testify on your behalf.

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