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Divorce And Property Division

The family law lawyers at Bashian P.C., advocate for a wide variety of clientele concerning divorce and property division matters. We represent individuals with a moderate level of assets to clients with substantial financial reserves. This includes business owners, executives, investors, doctors and even attorneys.

We provide personalized representation to everyone we represent. We pay specific attention to your concerns and offer the service and guidance you need to resolve property division issues effectively.

The Equitable Distribution Process

The division of property during the divorce process can be extremely contentious. As New York is an equitable distribution state, this means all assets and property purchased during the course of marriage (known as marital property) may be subject to property division during the divorce process.

Such a process does not, however, mean that the property division will necessarily be equal. Factors for division include length of marriage, the employment, skills and education of both spouses, the amount of debt, the health of the spouses, and the appreciation in value of certain assets.

The assets that may be subject to division include almost everything most valuable to you. These assets include:

  • Real estate
  • Retirement accounts and 401(k)s
  • Investments
  • Business ownership interests
  • Motor vehicles
  • Furniture and objects of art

Courts may make determinations that assets are marital property as well. This can even include inheritances received during the marriage.

Helping You Retain What Is Yours

Bashian P.C., has the resources to make fair appraisals regarding the value of such property. We work together as a collaborative team and understand the tax and financial ramifications regarding what will occur when division of this property takes place.

Most importantly, we are experienced litigators who can protect your property interests in court. We work with accountants and financial experts who can testify on your behalf. We fight to protect the property that belongs to you.

How To Contact Our Law Firm

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